Ten Tips for Berry Picking at the Farmacy

  1. Farms have dirt, sometimes mud and uneven ground.  Wear sturdy closed-toed shoes (straw hurts between your toes) or boots.  Wear comfortable, casual clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.  Also, a jacket comes in very handy on cool mornings or evenings.  Don't forget your sunscreen!

  2. Check the harvest.  Prior to coming out, make sure when the berries are ready for picking.  Also, we may have to close due to weather.  We update the berry hotline, our website home page and our facebook page.

  3. No pets please.  Farms are fun for the whole family, but due to food safety regulations we cannot allow your fur babies to come along.  Please leave them at home.

  4. Bees.  We LOVE our pollinators.  Without them we wouldn't have berries.  You will see them around the patch, but they're too busy doing their jobs than to bother with you.

  5. Sampling the berries.  This fruit is our paycheck.  We don't mind if you sample a berry (it's part of the joy of picking!), but please limit yourself.  The field is not an all you can eat buffet.  

  6. Treat the plants with care.  Please watch where you're walking in the fields and stay within the paths.

  7. Wastefullness.  Please do not intentionally drop or throw fruit.

  8. Respect the farm.  This is not only our place of business, it is our home and has been for the last 5 generations.  Please read and follow signs that inform you about rules & boundaries.  These are put in place to keep everyone safe.  When in doubt, ask one of our Farm-Assists.

  9. Containers.  We provide them for FREE - no need to bring your own.  The new food safety regulations for u-pick farms now dictates that you cannot bring your own containers because we would be required to clean and sanitize them.

  10. Enjoy your berries!




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