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Creek Bed Country Farmacy is now auditioning - seasonal, Corn Maze Superstars - emphasis on the SUPER! If you like a job that allows you to work outdoors and meet lot's of terrific people, keep reading!

We are looking to fill the following positions (plan on being rotated to at least 2 of these):

• Ticket Booth Attendants - How are you at juggling cats?  Just kidding.  We are looking for an individual who can clearly and quickly relay information to our guests about the Farmacy.  While doing this, you are making change and putting wristbands on our guests - & SMILING. :)

 • Pumpkin Sling Shot Sharpshooters - When the hayride rounds the bend you are slinging pumpkins at the candycorn targets.  When a customer approaches you make change, hand them their pumpkins, and show them safely how to shoot the pumpkin at the target.  If they get the pumpkin through the target you congratulate them for having mastered the Pumpkin Slingshot, then hand them a container of candy corn so they can prove to their friends just how cool they really are.

• Playground/Slide Attendant - You prevent people from doing silly things to injure themselves, like going down a 75' slide headfirst.  This is great for people that don't mind telling others what to do in a nice, courteous manner. You even get your own bull hor

 • Lean-To Snack Shop - Can you make a fantastic cup of coffee? How are your apple cider mulling skills?  Here we need someone to serve up beverages and snack foods.  You'll also be restocking items and making sure gift displays look terrific!  We'll expect top notch register skills and a winning smile.

 Now, for the particulars – You must be at least 14 years old.  You’ll need to have the ability to bend, scoot, stand, and lift up to 15 lbs.  We require at least 2 shifts per weekend (Friday - Saturday - Sunday).  Shifts are typically morning and evening lasting about 4 hours each.  You will work when it’s chilly cold or damp outside – and look really happy about it!  And FYI, the season only lasts about 6 weekends, and will start on Saturday, September 29th.  Also, we feed you one meal from the Eat Shack and you get unlimited coffee, spiced cider, or hot chocolate.

 If this still sounds fun, just apply for a seasonal position with us by filling out our online application.  If you are selected from the list of applicants for an interview, be prepared to show us what you can do as you shadow Julie & Darrell for a day. It's so very important for us to take good care of our farm and guests, that we'll be checking all your non-family references and other checks for background, drugs – you know the drill. 

If this doesn’t sound like your cup tea, don’t apply for a job.  Every year we have more applicants than we can possible hire, so if you’re not up to smiling and being a Farm-Assist extraordinaire for four to hours, we don’t need you.  Fair enough?

PS – Retirees, High School & College Students strongly encouraged to apply.




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