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Grain-finished beef is considered by many to be the finest tasting, most tender available for the dinner plate, both in the United States and around the world. The Midwest is reknowned for raising the highest quality beef because our cattle are fed a mixed ration. The largest portion of the ration is grass, but the steers are finished (a few months before harvesting) on a grain-rich diet which results the sweet, buttery tasting beef that everyone enjoys. Feeding our steers this exceptional quality ration creates well-marbled, tender, and flavorful beef. Marbling is the best method to judge a high quality piece of beef. Marbling is the small wisps of interior fat you see within the meat muscle. The greater amount of marbling in beef, the higher the grade because marbling makes beef more tender, flavorful, and juicy. Don’t assume that the leaner cuts of meat will be the tenderest. This is not true. Marbling helps to maintain natural moisture within the steak as it cooks and results in the utmost tenderness. "But I've heard that 100% grass-fed beef is healthier."
Indeed, research does show that grass-finished beef has higher levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, and conjugated linoleic acid or CLA (Duckett et al., 1993; Smith et al., 1996; French et al., 2000; Grześkiewicz et al., 2001; Poulson et al., 2004; Engle and Spears, 2004; Noci et al., 2005; Daley et al., 2005).

Therefore, marketing claims that those nutrients are present in higher concentrations in grass-finished than in conventional beef are correct. However, claims that grass-finished beef is “healthier” as a result are not true, because the differences are not significant for human health. For instance, to achieve Recommended Daily Allowances and/or daily chemoprotective dietary levels of omega-3 fatty acids a person would have to eat at least 12 pounds of grass-fed beef (Rule et al., 2002; Martz et al., 2004; Guiffrida de Mendoza et al., 2005; Daley et al., 2005; Smith et al., 2005).

While grass-finished beef has approximately 1/100 of a gram more omega-3 than grain-finished beef, salmon has 35 times as much omega-3 as grass-finished beef. So, if you want Omega 3 - eat Salmon. If you want a fork-tender awesome tasting steak, then order today!


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